Split System

The split air-conditioning system has an interior wall mounted component and an exterior component. Electrical cables and pipes that carry the necessary refrigerant connect both parts. The condenser (the exterior component) is where the compressor is located, along with the other parts that actually help to cool or heat the home. It is the interior component that distributes the heat or air in the area of the home it is fitted.

Why Choose a Split System

 Many of our customers in Melbourne want to know if a split air conditioner is better than a ducted system. This will depend on your specific needs, which may vary from person-to-person. If you want to cool or heat individual rooms in your home then a split air conditioner is a good option. However, just remember that this would require a different unit installed in each room that you wish to have heat and air distributed to. There are some homes that do not have windows, which undoubtedly make the split air conditioning system the best option.

Advantages of a Split System 

  • Cost effective since it only heats and cools a single room
  • Cheaper upfront cost in comparison to a ducted system
  • Can generally be installed in any room of the house

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