Ducted System

If you’re thinking of having a ducted system installed, you have certainly come to the right place. A ducted air conditioning system is installed on the exterior of the home. Ducts from the air conditioning system go through each room of the home, which allows the homeowner to either cool or heat the room with different controls.

Why Choose A Ducted System

This type of air conditioning unit gives you total control over how much of your home is cooled. Rather than having several smaller air conditioners installed throughout your home; utilizing more energy, choose a ducted system. Many agree that it is a better option. You’re able to cool the whole house or individual rooms with a ducted system.

Advantages of a Ducted System

  • Set temperature based on zones (each room or area of the house)
  • Heat and cool the entire house from a single system
  • Cost-effective; the ducted system does not have to run in every room of the house at the same time
  • Advanced technology allows you to control when you turn the air conditioning on and off.
  • Increases the homes property value

While these are some of the primary reasons why some homeowners elect to have a ducted system installed, they are not the only reasons. Consult with one of our Melbourne’s air conditioning professionals to find out more about the many benefits of a ducted system. They will let you know what your options are based on your specific needs.

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